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Being a photographer I always had a keen eye for detail, and was inspired when seeing a friend’s wedding dress photographed with a stunning wooden hanger which has been personalised with her name.

I did some research and could only find these type of hangers in the United States and wanted to create something similar for the UK, in order to have that type of service easily available for brides and wedding parties over here.

Affordable, accessible and desirable as it can make or break a photograph/wonderful memory seeing your perfect wedding dress hanging on a very “un-personal”, plastic hanger! My husband and I started early in 2012, him doing the wiring and mounting onto the wooden hangers, while I handle the finishing touches and the business side of things. 

We grew slowly but surely since then, with a steady flow of orders and in the summer of 2013 we received our first bulk order for a company out of the wedding industry. Since then we have expanded rapidly into other industries, growing strongly while still serving brides and other wedding party individuals on a daily basis. 

It has been an exciting journey, we remain open minded to any suggestions while brewing lots of new ideas in the background, which will take shape and form over the coming years.


The Minor Details

You’ve found the dress and delighted your bridesmaids with elegant complementary gowns. Congratulations! Major decisions, tick; but when it comes to minor details you know that little things can make a big difference.

Picture Perfect Wedding

Being a photographer I know what makes a stunning picture. When I saw how fabulous my friend’s wedding dress looked hung on a stylish personalised wooden hanger in the USA, I decided that exquisite clothes put on unattractive plastic hangers in the UK would be a thing of the past.

Love Letters

Fittingly, my husband and I work together at The Bridal Hanger. He shapes and mounts the decorative wire onto a wooden hanger, while I add a bow and a little magic. Our personalised hangers can also be created for when your wedding dress becomes your baby’s christening robe, or whenever you feel like an outfit is worthy of the star treatment. Get in touch and tell us how we can personalise your special day.